Traditional exterior building or infrastructure inspection is time consuming, expensive, and has many safety risks.  Instead of requiring someone to put a harness on or risk the lives of an expensive helicopter crew, why not use a drone to quickly and efficiently gather close-range, high resolution aerial imagery and video that can be used to inspect for wear or damage.  The data collected also provides digital records of compliance and due diligence actions taken, thereby eliminating the often subjective nature of traditional visual inspections.  As a certified FAA Remote Pilot who has also worked in the geospatial data processing world for nearly a decade I can promise you a high quality inspection that is not only safe but also very cost-effective. 

Real Estate Services

Many residential and commercial properties don’t photograph well from the ground.  Google Earth/satellite imagery is to low resolution to use for marketing and hiring a helicopter for aerial shots is often cost prohibitive.  Aerial imagery and video from drones offer an amazing opportunity for real estate agents to cost-effectively showcase the unique features and settings of their properties.  Besides aerial photography I also specialize in interior video capture using 4K resolution sensors, wide angle action cameras and even spherical lens sensors to create immersive 360 degree Virtual Reality walkthroughs.  Let me help you create an enticing virtual tour of your properties from the inside and out! 

Aerial Marketing

Aerial footage from drones is currently one of the biggest and most successful marketing trends.    Whether you are a contractor who has just completed an amazing new outdoor project or an entrepreneur who has a product they would like to promote, drones provide an unconventional and exciting new perspective.  With advanced flight modes such as object tracking and circular orbit you can showcase your work from every angle imaginable.  Allow me to help you maximize profits by creating compelling audiovisual marketing content for your product or services.


Action Sports

I have been filming action sports such as skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, and rock climbing for years.   With drones I am now able to capture athletes in ways I couldn't have imagined five years ago.  Using computer vision, drones are now capable of tracking moving objects with high precision.   With 4K resolution and slow-motion capabilities shots can be enhanced to capture just the right moment of that trick you have been practicing, that drop you finally have worked up to, or that big wall that has been teasing you for years.  If you are an athlete looking to market yourself both on social media and to potential sponsors high quality aerial footage of your exploits and accomplishments is the solution.  My days of misty flips and dropping cliffs are over.  Let me use my photography and videography skills to help you further your career!

Latest Work

1462 NW Naito Parkway Aerial Imagery

Conducted a quick flight today for a Drone Base client who wanted aerial shots of a property on the west shore of the Willamette River just south of the Fremont bridge. There was a large construction crane nearby but I stayed well away from it and everything went smoothly. Gallery & Prints Here

720 NE Grand Ave

Conducted a quick flight over a Range Rover dealership today for the property owner. Lots of low utility wires and nearby tall buildings. Everything went smoothly and the client is extremely happy with the retouched imagery I delivered. Gallery & Prints Here

Eola Drive for Century West Engineering

Today I flew a very long roadway for Century West Engineering. I took off, kept the drone at about 150 feet and followed it on foot as I walked down the side of the road keeping it to the side of the roadway. The roadway had a lot of elevation change so I had to […]

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