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About Me

My name is Jon Ellinger and I am the owner of TLT Photography based in Portland, Oregon.  My company specializes in high quality photography and aerial services at affordable prices.  Having spent over a decade working for larger firms in the aerial imagery industry I decided to start my own business to maintain total control on quality as well as offer tailored solutions for my clients.  I feel that a friendly chat on the phone or an email with specific needs is a better solution than limited online order form a la carte options seen with larger firms.  Through active communication with clients I am able to work within budget constraints and provide a wider range of coverage options.  

I have spent 10 years in the geospatial industry working with aerial imagery from satellites, planes, and now drones.  When I'm not in front of a computer creating survey-grade imagery mosaics and 3D models I can often be found wandering the Pacific Northwest as a passionate landscape and wildlife photographer.  I now combine the photography techniques I've learned with my attention to detail, quality, and accuracy derived from my life as a Certified Mapping Scientist and Photogrammetrist and bring it all to the Real Estate world.  

Whether you are looking for professional photography for listings, need a walk through of properties to update insurance policies, or would like a thorough survey of property conditions after severe weather I am confident I can design a solution to meet your needs.



From small retail stores to large commercial complexes I have the photography skills and equipment to ensure your property is presented in the best light with stunning detail.

  • Bare land capture before construction or sale
  • Dusk/twighlight shots to enhance appeal
  • Aerial HDR imagery
  • Aerial cinematography & professional video edit
  • 3D modeling of the building
  • Survey-grade topography mapping of site


Whether you are a realtor or an individual selling a home let me enhance your listing with amazing interior, exterior and aerial photography and video.

  • Visually inspect your home to prepare for sale
  • Showcase your location amongst surroundings
  • Dusk/twighlight shots to enhance appeal
  • Aerial HDR imagery & 4K Video
  • Aerial cinematography & professional video edit
  • 3D model and VR tours

My Tools

20MP/4K Drone

Ultra-Wide 4K Video


360-Degree 5K VR

What I Offer


  • Professional HDR interior and exterior photography
  • Captured with a professional 45 megapixel full-frame DSLR
  • Imagery can be printed at magazine quality in sizes up to 24x36 inches
  • 18 megapixel spherical photos for VR applications


  • Ultra-wide angle, stabilized 4K video interior & exterior walk-through
  • 360° Immersive 5.2K video walk-through tour for Virtual Reality applications
  • 4K DSLR video using a variety of zoom lenses.

Aerial Photography & Videography

  • Stunning HDR and regular stills from a variety of aerial perspectives
    • Close up focus on property
    • Wide-ange views to showcase location and surroundings
  • 4K video at 60 frames per second
    • 60 fps allows slow motion video for artistic cinematography
    • Orbiting video of the property to show surroundings and horizon
    • Panning shots of all sides of the property
    • Sling-shot type rising up and away from property.
    • Flyovers of the property from various angles

Photorealistic 3D Modeling and Mapping

  • A unique aerial True Orthomosaic of your property
    • Each pixel in the image will be representative of 1cm or less on the ground. 
    • This means you will be able to see pennies on the ground on your property.
  • 3D Model of your property
    • High resolutoin point cloud model & mesh of your property.
    • Ability to interact with the model in an online 3D environment.
    • Dynamically embed the 3D model into your property listing for potential buyers.
    • 3D print your home, or share model with friends and family.
  • Survey-grade mapping & topography with a Certified Professional Land Surveyor (PLS)

Property Management Services

  • Same as above but I would ask to be put in contact with on-site managers for permission into units for filming.
  • Aerial shots will include a focus on any property damage noticed while filming.

3D Modeling

Hit the play button. Wait for model to load. Interact with mouse or finger on mobile device.

Real Estate Listings with Professional High Quality Imagery (Percentages)

Current listings with high quality photos
Increase in Listing Views
Speed of Sale Increase
Asking Price Increase Received

An Immersive VR Experience

Beginning November 2017

Click the play button and use your mouse or finger on your mobile device to move the video around while it is playing.


In general I prefer to tailor pricing on a case by case basis and I am more than happy to work with clients on pricing to meet their budget.   Below I have included some rough estimates for packages but these will be dependent on the size of the property, number of units, travel time/expenses, and whether it is a commercial or residential property.  All packages come with light photo enhancement and editing.  Light video editing is additional per site with pricing depending on length of video desired.

Basic Terrestrial Package $150

Ground based photos and video

Basic Terrestrial with VR Media $200

Stiching the spherical video together and processing takes added time, hence the added cost.

Basic Aerial Package $150

Just aerial imagery and video without any ground or interior work

Full Package $200

Interior, exterior & aerial

The Works $250

All sensors, all angles

3D Modeling $250-$1000

Pricing is dependent on size and complexity & resolution desired

Full Shinanigans $5000

Cook your meals, walk your pets, babysit your kids for a week.


Editing Conversion & Data Delivery


I will always capture media at the highest quality the image sensor allows.  This usually means RAW 20-45 megapixel stills (for reference an iPhone shoots 12 megapixel) and UHD 4K Video.  There are many advantages to capturing at the highest quality.

  • Ability to crop out unwanted subject matter while maintaining a high resolution
  • Ability to pull 8 megapixel stills from the video frames
  • Ability to adjust the dynamic range of the imagery to boost shadows and bring out detail.

Understandably, this creates very large file sizes.  I will pour through the imagery and video toi select the best imagery for touch-up as well as the best video clips and will deliver those within 24 hours usually.   Additionally, if requested I will be happy to provide all the media I collected if you would like to review it all yourself.   I consider all the imagery and video I capture for you to be yours, copyright free.


  • Raw imagery will be converted to JPEG for easy viewing (double click) in all operating systems.
  • Please let me know if you would like the photos re-sized to standard MLS listing format (2048x1536, under 3mb)
  • If possible I will also stitch together any ground panorama's I creatively took and will combine bracketed photos into true HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos for you.
  • Video will be converted as desired for ease of use on a case by case basis.
  • For reference YouTube or Vimeo can accept up to 4K video now but often times HD is sufficient.
  • I would be happy to work with you posting your video to any social/media platform you would like if interested.


Over the past year I have found several methods useful for delivering data to clients.  Please let me know which one would work best for you.  I can do several if it makes it easier for you.

Google Drive / Dropbox
  • Typically I compress the photos into a "zip" file that can can be easily downloaded from an online folder link I will email you.   Double click to open once downloaded
  • Videos will be in .MP4 format as individual files within the same folder
  • This is an older method of delivery and may take several DVD's to hold all the data but I am happy to do this as needed
Thumb Drive
  • For an extra $30 I will be happy to put all media on a thumbdrive in the mail for you.
Personal Online Gallery and Private YouTube Video Link
  • I will post an online gallery on SmugMug of all your imagery for you to easily download individual photos, the whole set, and order prints as needed.
  • For video I can post to YouTube using a privacy setting that will only allow access to those I grant permission to.

Why Choose Me

Photography Experience

  • Over 10 years working every day with aerial imagery
  • Expert in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop post-processing techniques
  • A deep passion for all types of photography
  • Always striving to learn new skills

Cutting-Edge Equipment

  • Nikon Flagship Full Frame DSLR & VR Camera
  • Will always strive to use the latest technology
  • Differentiate yourselve by recieving creative and innovative products 


  • As a single member LLC working from home I have no overhead costs
  • Ability to work within budgets and tailor case-by-case solutions


  • ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist
  • ASPRS Certified Mapping Scientist in Remote Sensing
  • GIS Professional
  • Member of the Professional Photographers of America

Safety & Insurance

  • Utilize Pre-flight safety checklists
  • Wear high-vis clothing and place caution signs
  • Abide by all Part 107 UAV commercial pilot restrictions
  • Coverd by million dollar General Liability and E&O Insurance Policies

Respect for Privacy

  • Deep respect for privacy while capturing media from a drone
  • Developed a privacy brochure to hand out to any interested parties
  • Adhere to the "Voluntary Best Practices for UAS Privacy" by NTIA

I Go Above & Beyond

  • Full resolutoin delivery of ALL CAPTURED MEDIA, copyright free
  • Affordable video editing
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Friendly communication instead of a cold online order form

Testimonials and Endorsements

We have seen a lot of talented people in drones over the years, and Jon’s presentation in our official event, was one of the high points, he has a ton of talent. – David Oneal speaking of my aerial 3D Modeling talk at International Drone Day 2017 in Portland, Oregon.

David Oneal Co-Creator of International Drone Day & Marketing Director for Wildly Creative Marketing

Mr. Ellinger is one of the most talented imagery data scientists that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Mr. Ellinger employed a number of innovative solutions to digital imagery projects that had strict accuracy requirements with tight budgets. Mr. Ellinger always completed his work ahead of schedule and under budget. His management skills for workflows and schedules are top notch.

Layne Friedel Director Business Development at GeoTerra, Inc.

Past Clients