Be Unconventional - Differentiate Your Property

Aerial Imagery

Many residential and commercial properties don’t photograph well from the ground, Google Earth/satellite imagery is to low resolution to use for marketing and hiring a helicopter for aerial shots is often cost prohibitive. Aerial imagery and video from drones offer an amazing opportunity for real estate agents to cost-effectively showcase the unique features and settings of their properties.

Immersive Experience

Fish eye lenses and wide angle action cameras have been around for a while but with the emergence of spherical lens sensors such as the 360Fly and the Nikon KeyMission interiors and exteriors of properties can now be captured in fully immersive 360 degree video. This now allows potential buyers to have a comprehensive walkthrough experience on their mobile devices where they can move the video with their fingers to see every corner of the property they are looking at or even wear VR goggles for a complete immersive experience of the home. With sites like YouTube and Facebook now supporting this new video format it is now possible for buyers thousands of miles away to view a potential property as if they were really inside it.

Professional Video

Let me help distinguish your property from the other listings by creating a beautiful video showcasing the home and it's location through a combination of aerial footage and unique filming techniques. With a hot market like Portland where buyers are often thousands of miles away having a professionally created video attached to your listing will differentiate it from others and make the property more attractive to potential buyers.

3D Models of Listings

Let me take your real estate listings to the next level with 3D aerial models. As a professional photographer, mapping scientist and photogrammetrist with 10 years of experience working with aerial imagery I distinguish myself from the other FAA Part 107 remote pilots by offering products like these as well as high quality aerial video and stills. Please click on the model for a demonstration on how annotations can be used to draw attention to attractive aspects of the listing to potential buyers.