Special Events


I am not a professional wedding or portrait photographer, yet. That being said, I am a skilled photographer who would like to offer this service at a fraction of the cost of dedicated wedding or portrait photographers. Before the event I will go over with you what you would like me to focus on and I will offer up creative suggestions for how to capture everything you want. After the event I will use post processing techniques such as color balancing, shadow/highlight correction, tone and saturation adjustments to enhance the photographs into beautiful final products like you see here. Through my own photography I have discovered wonderful resources for printing, framing, and creating printed photo books. I don't have any rigid "a la cart" pricing models for my work. Instead I'd rather work with you and give you the best options for preserving your memories in printed form. And in the end the photographs are yours with full copyright usage going to you, not me. You will receive the full, unedited raw files as well as the enhanced versions I create for you. If you are interested in a cost effective solution for capturing your event please reach out to me so we can discuss the best options for you.

  • Tradeshows & Exhibitions
  • Product Launches or Demonstrations
  • Family or Individual Portraits
  • Weddings & Bar Mitzvahs
  • Meetings, Presentations or Fundraisers
  • Corporate Outings, Picnics, etc
  • Parties or Celebrations


On top of photography I also offer video services for your special event. I always shoot in Ultra High Definition 4K footage and with drones, action cams and DSLR cameras. As with photography above, I am not a professional event videographer with large lighting rigs and sets to film with. What I do have is very creative filming techniques such as aerial footage, rotating and panning time lapse equipment, immersive 360 degree video capture and powerful zoom lenses with image stabilization. As you can see from the videos here I try to be as unobtrusive as possible at events while also capturing the scene from unique angles. At any given time I'm usually recording simultaneously from multiple locations to have plenty of footage for creative post-processing. I will meet with you before the event to get your input on what you would like me to film and I will present you with all the options I can bring to the table to capture it as thoroughly as possible. From there the raw footage is yours without any copyright restrictions. I am skilled with video production software suites such as Adobe Premiere so if you would like me to enhance, edit, and put together a video summary of the event I'd be happy to discuss options for that as well. If you are looking for a cost-effective option for capturing your special event on video please reach out to me so we can discuss the possibilities.

* Note - The videos here do have audio of course but I chose to not include it for the website as I personally dislike the surprise of audio suddenly playing on a site I visit 🙂