Aerial Marketing


Have you just completed an amazing outdoor project or are you excited to show how a current project is progressing?  While video marketing has been around for a very long time, and online video now accounts for 50% of mobile traffic, aerial footage is still mostly uncommon.   Let me give your project the coverage it truly deserves with an aerial marketing video and photos that will make it stand out in your industry.


Do you have a product to sell and have you explored unique ways to market it?  Drones are such a hot topic in the technology world today that just having one appear in a marketing video for your product will grab attention.  I have attended numerous conferences in my field within the last few years and simply having a drone on my display table for my services has been a game changer.  Aerial footage from drones is now one of the biggest and most successful marketing strategies.  With advanced flight modes such as object tracking and circular orbit drones can showcase your work from every angle imaginable.  Allow me to help you maximize profits by creating compelling audiovisual marketing content for your product.