Geospatial Data Review


Data quality is extremely important.  Your business decisions are only as good as the information that you base them off of.  Are you sure you are receiving data products of the highest quality from your vendor?  Are you trusting your geospatial needs to "cloud services"?  Where your data going and who is able to view your data?  These are all important questions that must be asked.  Regardless of who you choose for your geospatial data processing needs, please consider using my experience and keen eye for detail for quality verification of your data before you sign off on final project payment.


When your data comprises hundreds of square miles or when it is at sub-foot, or even sub-inch resolution will you have time to properly review it all for completeness before your vendor requires payment?  Do you have the resources (Time, FTE, Computers) to scan through the data to ensure nothing is missing?  For instance, I know from experience that when tiling a final image mosaic into more manageable smaller file size tiles that, due to the square nature of pixels, sometimes extremely thin data gap lines between the tiles may present themselves.  You would only notice these gaps by zooming in on the imagery to very large map scales.  Let my trained Eye pour through the imagery to ensure you receive all the data you paid for.


Did your vendor use enough ground control for your aerial survey for your final product to meet required accuracy standards?  Is your vendor aware of the new ASPRS Accuracy Standards for Geospatial Data adopted in late 2014?  Did your vendor remember to set aside a reasonable amount of surveyed ground control for proper post-processing accuracy assessment or did they use all the control during aerial triangulation, thus negating their possible use for accuracy testing?  Have you requested an aerial triangulation report?  Geospatial accuracy is crucial to good decision making.  Data delivered in the wrong coordinate system, or using the wrong Geoid during processing could be detrimental to your projects.   With an education in cartography, geography and remote sensing and nearly 10 years of geodesy experience working in the geospatial industry I have the expertise to ensure you are receiving accurate geospatial data from your vendors.