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TLT Photogrammetry Services

With nearly a decade of working with acquisition firms across the U.S. and leading orthophoto production teams on projects of all sizes and complexities, I have the extensive experience and technical skills needed to complete your aerial survey project efficiently and very cost effectively.  After working for large firms for 9 years that charge clients large "multipliers" to cover their marketing, R&D, and business overhead costs I began to wonder if it would be possible to eliminate these costs and work on my own to give clients a substantial cost savings for their geospatial data needs.  

By choosing TLT for your geospatial data processing you can be rest assured that your data will be processed by a passionate certified professional who has dedicated his entire career to producing the highest quality data products that meet the most stringent accuracy standards.   You will also be supporting the efforts of a small American business and can take comfort in knowing that your data will never be outsourced oversees for processing as so many geospatial companies now do.  

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UltraCam Eagle image of an airport.

What I Offer

Full Acquisition & GPS Ground Survey

I have established close relationships with some of the top local and nationwide aerial acquisition and survey firms. Every project I worked on in my career gave me new insight on how to better flight plan and lay survey ground control for the next to ensure the highest quality data capture.  Quotes for aerial data capture and survey are simply a phone call away and would be included in any project proposal.

Data Production

Full data processing from acquisition through to delivery.  In a typical aerial imagery this would entail:

  • Full acquisition data review and any needed radiometric corrections
  • Aerial Triangulation (AT) of the imagery using surveyed ground control
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) production 
    • When possible I will always use available high quality LiDAR datasets for the highest geospatial accuracy.
  • Ortho Rectification and Final Mosaic Production
  • Full report with accuracy assessment
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Why Choose Me

  • A small American owned business 
    • As a client you may be entitled to financial breaks for choosing a small business, particularly when there are Federal funds involved with the project.
    • If going after a larger federal contract there are advantages to using me as the prime coordinator on the project.


  • No bureaucracy
    • I can make decisions faster and work more efficiently because of it.
    • I have the flexibility with my industry partners to tailor-fit solutions for any need, regardless of scope or location.  


  • No overhead
    • As a small business working out of my comfortable home, on my wife's insurance, I have almost no overhead costs to pass on to my clients.  
    • I'm not locked into corporate rate multipliers and I can tailor fit a fair price to any project based on its complexity.  


  • Data Security
    • Your data will never leave the country.  
    • Don't be fooled by larger companies who claim this, then let foreigners remote-access their servers to work on your data from oversees.  Even though your data hasn't actually left the country, everyone oversees can still look at it and harvest information from it.  


  • Experience
    • With a formal remote sensing education and 9 years in the industry I have learned a lot about what to do and more importantly, what not to do.  Over the years I've gained the ability to spot possible issues before they become problems that delay projects.   Put your trust in me, not a large company either ships your data oversees or utilizes mass hiring events to rapidly staff projects with inexperienced cheap labor. 


  • Personal Touch, Full Attention
    • Unlike larger companies that often answer to investors, I will never take on more work than I can handle to make a buck.  I've been down that path and it wasn't fun for anyone.   Now I choose the Trail Less Traveled.  Your project will be my sole priority until it is completed for you ON TIME.  
    • I pride myself both on my attention to detail and the long lasting relationships I make with my clients.   I will always go the extra mile to ensure you are more than happy with my services.


  • Passion
    • A small business will never be successful without a strong passion behind it.  Superb imagery, whether from a plane, drone, or traditional DSLR is what I live for.  I promise that you will be more than happy with my work.


  • Honesty
    • For too long in this industry I have seen companies over promise on what they can deliver.  I will always be honest about my capabilities and will work closely with you to find a solution for your needs, even if it means taking on a consulting role rather than a processing one.  
3D industrial building model
3D Aerial UAV Imagery Model

Testimonials and Endorsements

We have seen a lot of talented people in drones over the years, and Jon’s presentation in our official event, was one of the high points, he has a ton of talent. – David Oneal speaking of my aerial 3D Modeling talk at International Drone Day 2017 in Portland, Oregon.

David Oneal Co-Creator of International Drone Day & Marketing Director for Wildly Creative Marketing

Mr. Ellinger is one of the most talented imagery data scientists that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Mr. Ellinger employed a number of innovative solutions to digital imagery projects that had strict accuracy requirements with tight budgets. Mr. Ellinger always completed his work ahead of schedule and under budget. His management skills for workflows and schedules are top notch.

Layne Friedel Director Business Development at GeoTerra, Inc.