Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs.  Typically, this is done by processing aerial photos and rectifying subject matter within the photos to its true geographic location.   A photograph is a flat, 2-dimensional object but the surface of the earth and the structures, both natural and man-made, on it are 3 dimensional.  The simplest way to think of photogrammetry is draping a piece of cellophane (the photo) over a bundt cake (the terrain).   This is accomplished using precise surveyed ground control points in combination with powerful photogrammetry software that, together, triangulate the imagery to it's correct geospatial location.  Once complete, further products can be created such as contour lines, point clouds, and 3D models of both terrain and structures.  

GIS Solutions

Incorporating accurate, high quality geospatial data into your business will lead to cost savings through more knowledgeable decision-making, better management, easier record keeping, and informed communication.  Through geospatial information integration, data fusion, and enhanced analysis, Geographical Information Systems provide the geographical framework for effective problem solving at any scale.  Whether it be a geographic market analyses or an investigation into the most efficient location for a solar panel on a roof, GIS will help paint a more complete picture for you to use in your decision-making process.  


Geospatial Data Review

Good decisions have never been made from bad or incomplete information.  If you have chosen a different vendor for your geospatial needs please consider utilizing my experience in the industry for unbiased, 3rd party quality and accuracy verification.  Throughout my career I have seen examples from various vendors of either poor data acquisition or poor data processing and I can easily recognize the signs of each.  As a certified professional in the industry I have a keen eye for details that are often overlooked and can verify that your data has met all industry standards for both quality and accuracy.  With the current trend of large companies hiring inexperienced help to meet rushed deadlines or shipping data oversees for processing it more important now than ever to ensure you receive quality data for your investment.  


3D Models - Terrain, Infrastructure, Art

TLT Photography is pleased to announce new 3D modeling services. Using advanced photogrammetric software and knowledge gained over a decade of experience as a professional photographer and geospatial data scientist Jon Ellinger is able to produce ultra-high resolution 3D models of virtually any subject matter.  This can include expansive terrain modeling over hundreds of acres of land to a small carving or sculpture for someone who wants to market their art in a unique way.  Because TLT Photography is a small emerging business and Jon works out of a home office he can provide these services at a fraction of the cost a larger firm or cloud service would charge.  Aerial Terrain modeling starts at just $500 dollars and goes up depending on the size of the area to be modeled and the difficulty of the landscape.  3D models of personal works of art or other small subject matter start at just $100 depending on how intricate the subject matter is.   For precision mapping with sub-cm real world measurement accuracy an optional professional survey can be conducted by a licensed PLS in your state.


Data Work Blog Posts

Solar Farms

This week I had the great opportunity of flying two solar farms for S&F Land Services.  One was along I-5 and the other was located in Silverton.  Both were 20-25 acres in size and I flew at 350 feet as the client said they just wanted an overview orthomosaic and were ok with 1.5″ resolution […]

Stewart Parkway Surface Modeling from UAV Imagery

Directly after returning from Christmas I began to plan another detailed acqusition for creation of a survey-grade surface model.  This project was for Century West Engineering and the site was the newly renovated Stewart Parkway in Roseburg, OR.  We had been waiting for months for the roadway to be completed with light posts installed and […]


This past week I have been rushing to complete curb, edge of pavement and sidewalk feature extraction for Avisight.  This was really fun work.  Eric and I worked together again to ensure the LiDAR was super accurate and lined up with the Photogrammetry work and air targets that were surveyed for the site.  Once I […]

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