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Need to add something here about adventure.

Personal Photographer

I have always served as the personal photographer and blogger (see below) for my family and friends when we venture into the outdoors or travel for vacations.  Climbing mountains, rafting rivers, and visiting new cultures make for amazing memories but memories fade, photos and video do not.  My goal as a photographer has always been to capture the experience as realistically as possible.  If you are on a steep mountainside I try to capture the sensation of being there by using a fish eye or wide angle lens to emphasize in the photograph the danger and risk of being in such a location.  While rafting I often use waterproof action cameras mounted on heads, on the raft frame, or even on paddles to really give the sense of being in the middle of the action.   On more relaxing excursions such as camping in a beautiful location I capture rotating time lapses of clouds or stars at night.  I may also use light painting at night to show a group having fun at a campsite.  The final goal is to create a story through photographs and videos that will convey the danger, fun, excitement, exhaustion, and beauty of your journey. 

Our Family Adventures

My wife Emily and I try to live adventurous lives, exploring the Pacific Northwest on weekends and once a year traveling to a foreign country to experience new cultures.  There is no better way to clearly show you my passion for adventure and photography than to share with you our personal family adventures.   I invite you to browse such categories as Vacations, Hiking, Skiing, Biking, Cascades, and Rafting for examples of how I document our adventures.  

Adventure Planning

Research, attention to details, and communication are the key aspects of good trip planning, whether it be a nearby hike, or a 3 week long African adventure.  I have been planning outdoor trips for over three decades for my own family and friends.  I pride myself in putting in the time before a trip to ensure we see and experience as much as possible, but in a safe manner.  I am not a professional travel agent, but frankly I've never seen a travel agent that specializes in Adventure Travel.  Anyone can plan a relaxing beachfront vacation but what I offer is more involved.  If you arrive at a hotel without a bar of soap it is not a problem, but if you are 10 miles into the woods with a sprained ankle and you don't have a headlamp or tools to build a fire it is much more serious.  If you are planning on traveling to the Pacific Northwest, let me help you design an amazing adventure tailored to your fitness and outdoor skill levels.  This can be anything from a driving tour, stopping at various sites and attractions to detailed logistics for a summit attempt of Mount Hood.   What I promise is proper preparation, realistic expectations, and detailed itineraries for any adventure you can dream of in the Pacific Northwest, one of the most beautiful regions of the world.  

Benefits of Personalized Itineraries

With preparation before your visit to the Pacific Northwest I promise ....

  • Tailored to your fitness level
  • Offbeat beautiful locations only a local would know
  • Realistic travel time estimates based on local knowledge.

Guide Services

I have partnered with Aaron Hartz of Hartz Science Explorations, LLC to offer personalized guiding services.  Aaron is an accomplished professionally licensed mountain guide capable of leading expeditions both personal and scientific throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Aaron has successfully led dozens of clients to the tops of the highest Cascade Peaks in Oregon and has safely supported multiple scientific expeditions around the world.  I have been with Aaron on multiple climbs and can speak personally of his technical mountaineering skills as well as his priority to safety and wise decision making in the outdoors.  He is also a good friend and overall good guy.  Whether you are looking for an outdoor professional for your scientific research or would like a personal guide for an attempt on the summit of Mount Hood, St. Helens or any other Cascade Volcano Aaron can get you safely to the summit while I will ensure your climb is thoroughly documented through video and photography.

Hartz Science Explorations Credentials

  • AMGA Certified Ski Mountaineering Guide
  • AMGA Apprentice Rock Guide
  • AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide
  • US Avalanche Level 3
  • SPRAT Level 1
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Corvallis Mountain Rescue Unit
  • CPR
  • All Around Good Guy
Hartz Science Explorations


What I provide.

  • Personal first-hand account of the adventure
  • Trip Statistics such as elevation gain, duration, distance, etc
  • Actual GPS track in .GPX, .KML, GeoJSON format
  • Folder of geotagged imagery for review
  • Packing tips of essentials based on time of year
  • Permit information
  • Advice only a local would know
Guide Services



We have seen a lot of talented people in drones over the years, and Jon’s presentation in our official event, was one of the high points, he has a ton of talent. – David Oneal speaking of my aerial 3D Modeling talk at International Drone Day 2017 in Portland, Oregon.

David Oneal Co-Creator of International Drone Day & Marketing Director for Wildly Creative Marketing

Your work is beautiful – congratulations on living your passion!

Janet DelVillaggio Happy Customer

Mr. Ellinger is one of the most talented imagery data scientists that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Mr. Ellinger employed a number of innovative solutions to digital imagery projects that had strict accuracy requirements with tight budgets. Mr. Ellinger always completed his work ahead of schedule and under budget. His management skills for workflows and schedules are top notch.

Layne Friedel Director Business Development at GeoTerra, Inc.

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