Action Sports


Being able to freeze motion at just the right moment takes preparation, experience, and technical skills. Shutter speed, burst rates, and resolution all determine if you will look like a blur or if you will be perfectly frozen in time in the middle of the action. I have been filming action sports with my friends for years and over time have discovered just the right camera settings to capture that perfect shot. Now that high resolution cameras are built into small drones like the DJI Mavic Pro I can take those skills to the sky to capture the perfect shot at nearly any angle. With burst modes, shutter speed controls and the ability to take 8 megapixel stills directly from 4K video filmed at 30 frames per second aerial photography can take your athletic career to the next level.


The days of your friends following behind you with shaky action camera footage is over. Drones are equipped with 3-axis gimbals that stabilize 4K resolution imaging sensors to produce footage that no longer needs to be highly stabilized in post production. Using computer vision, drones are also now capable of tracking moving objects with high precision to ensure that you are always in the frame for when the action occurs. No more missed shots when you hand your buddy or girlfriend the camera to record that big drop or new trick you've been practicing. If you are an athlete looking to market yourself on social media and to potential sponsors high quality aerial footage of your exploits and accomplishments is the solution. My days of misty flips and dropping cliffs are over. Let me use my photography and videography skills to help you further your career!