Aerial Services

Real Estate

Do you want to provide your clients an innovative, unique perspective of the land, residential, or commercial properties you represent? Are you a property manager who needs updated visuals for insurance purposes? Using a wide variety of sensors I capture each property in stunning high resolution stills and 4K video from the ground and sky at a very affordable price. Perhaps a photo-realistic 3D Model of your building interests you? Let me help document and distinguish your properties from the rest of the pack.  


Are you a construction or engineering firm with a project you would like to highlight?  Perhaps you are a landscaper and just completed an amazing outdoor project?  Or are you an entrepreneur, artist or designer and have a product that you would like to feature?  Do you know that online video accounts for 50% of mobile traffic?  Drone video marketing is currently one of the biggest and most successful marketing trends.  Let me help you stand out from the rest and attract audiences with stunning aerial visuals. 


Drones have become a safe, cost-effective method for conducting aerial inspections.   Whether it be a simple roof inspection, a natural disaster damage assessment or an industrial infrastructure inspection, UAV platforms are perfect for inspecting inaccessible or hazardous locations and have the ability to efficiently capture a variety of high resolution data types to meet your needs.   

Action Sports

Are you an athlete with dreams of a career in the sport you love?  Or perhaps you are an enthusiast who wants some professional photos while on vacation or trying a new sport?    I can provide the same stunning professional aerial shots you see in mainstream action sports movies at a fraction of the cost.   Let me help boost your athletic career,  build your online social media visibility, or just show off to friends.  No more worrying about your spouse or friend “missing the shot”.

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Geospatial Data Solutions

3D Modeling

Advanced computer algorithms, powerful hardware, high resolution camera sensors, and modern photogrammetry software now offer the ability to create photorealistic 3D models of subject matter using digital imagery.  Using a combination of terrestrial and aerial imagery capture by UAV ultra high resolution 3D models can be used for terrain analysis, infrastructure inspection or even for marketing your work of art.  With my experience as a professional photographer and data scientist I understand the importance of proper imagery acquisition parameters needed to ensure high quality 3D reconstruction and because I am a small emerging business I can promise unbeatable rates for my 3D modeling services.


Photogrammetry Services

As a Certified Photogrammetrist with 10 years of experience designing aerial surveys and orthorectifying imagery from planes, helicopters and now UAV’s I have the experience and skills required to carefully design aerail acquisition missions and deliver high quality, accurate imagery for projects of any size.  With partners throughout the country I can tailor fit acquisition platforms and sensor combinations to your individual needs.   Services I offer include proper flight planning, aerial triangulation, DEM/DTM generation, ortho rectification and seamless mosaic creation, planimetrics, ground model and contour creation, and 3D modeling.  Without the large overhead costs often associated with larger companies I aim to be the most affordable, honest, and dedicated solution for your photogrammetry needs.


Geospatial Data Quality Review

Does your data set have proper coverage?  Has the data been projected into the right geographic coordinate system with the correct units?  Are there any pits or birds left in the LiDAR data sets and has the imagery been processed with the correct number of spectral bands with proper color balancing?  Are there any seamlines visible in the subject matter and has radial relief distortion been addressed?  As a certified Remote Sensing Scientist and Photogrammetrist with a decade of experience working with LiDAR and aerial imagery, I have the experience to serve as an unbiased 3rd party data reviewer to ensure you receive data products from your vendors that meet the highest industry standards of quality and accuracy.  

GIS & BIM Solutions

Are you an engineering or construction firm looking to integrate a reality capture model of your site into your CAD design files for BIM?   Or are you part of a project that has spatial data that needs analysis, classification, organization or conversion?  As a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) with a Masters degree in geography I have spent my entire career producing, reviewing, and analyzing geospatial data.  Over the years I have worked with a wide variety of geospatial data types and have helped many clients first understand, and then integrate the data into their projects in the most efficient and useful manner.   

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Special Events

Do you have a family reunion, wedding, or corporate event comingu up?  I specialize in very cost-effective event photography utilizing a broad range of professional camera equipment as well as creative shooting techniques from both the ground and sky.  I tailor each project to the individual client’s needs and also offer light photo processing and video editing as desired.  

Nature Photography

Whether it be a relaxing afternoon rafting trip or an epic 4 day technical ski ascent of a remote peak I always carry about five to ten pounds of camera equipment to capture the beauty of my surroundings.  I have never been a roadside photographer.  Instead, I take the Trail Less Traveled into the mountains to share unique, beautiful moments of nature with others upon my return. 

Film Digital Archiving

Would you like to preserve your old photos in a portable, digital format that won’t get lost, fade, or become damaged?  Don’t trust your photos to a bulk scanning site which scans them at sub-par resolution and has the potential to damage or lose your originals.   Read about my own personal family archiving project and you will see how my attention to detail, experience, and personal care make me the clear choice for preserving your precious memories.

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Wilcox Children in the late 1940's Wilcox Children in the late 1940's
Wilcox Family Car Wreck Wilcox Family Car Wreck
Towering Douglas Fir trees above us on the Northeast Ridge of Mary's Peak. Towering Douglas Fir trees above us on the Northeast Ridge of Mary's Peak.
Hawaii - The Big Island Hawaii - The Big Island
Myette Family from Upstate NY Myette Family from Upstate NY
OHSU Aerial Shot OHSU Aerial Shot
Towering Douglas Fir trees above us on the Northeast Ridge of Mary's Peak. Towering Douglas Fir trees above us on the Northeast Ridge of Mary's Peak.

Ready for Adventure?

Guide Services

I have partnered with Aaron Hartz of Hartz Science Explorations to offer a complete package of safe guided travel and thorough documentation of your outdoor adventure or scientific exploration.  As a Wilderness First Responder and Certified Mountaineering Guide Aaron has first-rate technical skills in the outdoors to ensure your safety while I capture events from both the ground and sky in stunning still photography and vivid 4K video.  

Itineraries & Planning

Are you visiting the Pacific Northwest for a wedding, business travel, or vacation?   Deciding what natural attraction to visit or what guided trip to go on may seem daunting.  Whether it be a lazy day of driving to see the highlights of the region or detailed planning for a climb of one of the Cascade volcanoes I can help.  Personalized itineraries of all kinds, packing lists, precise gps coordinates of hidden gems.  Let me be your insider’s guide to all the amazing, beautiful places in the Northwest.  

Personal Photographer

Are you headed out on a remote expedition, traveling to raise awareness for a cause, or simply checking off something BIG from your bucket list?   Do you have right camera/video equipment and technical knowledge to document it successfully?    As a professional photographer and FAA certified drone pilot who also likes to adventure outdoors I have years of experience working with very high-tech camera equipment under the harshest conditions.   I know what tool to use and when to use it to capture the moment effectively and safely.  Let me use my expertise to thoroughly capture your trip from the ground and the sky.  

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Who is the TLT Photography Team?

Work, Photography and Adventure....

Our team

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Testimonials & Endorsements

Jon Ellinger is a pleasure to work with, he has excellent communication skills and is very responsive.

Jon has exceeed the geospatial positioning standards I require on the projects he has delivered. I find his work to be of the highest order given the equipment that he has chosen to utilize.

I highly recommend Jon for any UAS projects, including surveying ans engineering design.

Michael Magyar Owner - Magyar Land Surveying

Jon was detailed and communicative, ensuring he had a thorough understanding of our needs. His technical background coupled with a creative eye was instrumental in delivering a great product for one of our signature projects.

Kelly Johnson Marketing Manager - Century West Engineering

“The 2017 Eagle Creek Wildfire devastated the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Hundreds of miles of the Gorge’s trails, which are visited annually by millions of people, are now closed and severely compromised. The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for Search and Rescue efforts in the majority of the area affected. Jon Ellinger with TLT Photography proved invaluable to our efforts to identify the burn areas to keep our SAR volunteers safe. Working with Digital Globe, Jon provided us with satellite overlays we were able to incorporate into our existing mapping software. Our SAR people and the citizens we serve are much safer because of their work.”

Sgt. Mark Herron Multnomah County Sheriff's Office - Head of Search and Rescue - River Patrol

I work at a professional mapping firm. We were looking for someone to collect aerial photographs and prepare large scale aerial images geo-referenced to our project coordinates (ortho-photography). We also needed 3D points generated from this imagery – sufficient to map roadways.

TLT’s drone-pilot/photographer is a certified photogrammetrist (something I did not find with other drone-photographers out there). He is professional and was excited about the details of our project. Really great to work with.

The photos turned out excellent, and the large scale, multi-photo stitched image was exactly what we (and our client) needed. TLT produced professional grade photographs with professional grade cameras and equipment.
Highly recommended!

Chris Sherby Owner - S&F Land Services - Professional Land Surveyor

The work you did was great and much appreciated!

Rawley Voorhies Project Manager - Century West Engineering

“I called Jon from his website to see if he could help me provide terrain data to my architect who is not local to my project. He was most generous with his time and provided a file in the format my architect needed. I was beyond pleased at his quick response and willingness to help.”

Patty Anderson Homeowner working with Architect to Remodel a Home

Jon was very professional and fast. He worked with me and provided great advice for stellar images. He went above and beyond in setting up the shoot, taking many, many great shots and did so in a more than timely manner. We use many drone photographers across the country and I have to say Jon is one of the best I have worked with. I highly recommend him.

Michael Washuta Creative Services and IT at Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co.

It has been an extremely quick and easy and process working with Jon on a drone photo and video project for a large office development we are leasing. He turned around top-notch visuals quickly, and with complimentary edits, to make sure we were completely satisfied with the finished product. The 4K video that he produced was amazing quality and will be extremely impactful in our advertising. I would highly recommend working with Jon on your next drone photo or video project.

Becca Wick Marketing and Business Development for Jones Lange LaSalle Brokerage, Inc.

We recently hired Jon for a land site flyover and the work product was excellent! Jon was extremely responsive (within minutes), super easy to work with, is a total pro that knows exactly what he’s doing and what the client (me) needs. Start to finish, great work, and I’m excited for the opportunity to work with him on future projects. Zero question of quality and professionalism with Jon. Loved it!

Blake St. Onge Senior Vice President - CRESA

TLT delivered an excellent package of video and photos for our week long rafting trip. The quality was excellent and I was amazed how quickly they were able to turn around the project. We now have a memory we will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you TLT!!

Ryan Anderson Product Manager at Airbus Aerial

“Thank you so much! This is SO helpful! I intend to run this answer with some link backs to TLT this Saturday. I appreciate it!” – In response to a detailed photogrammetry explanation for her very popular blog.

Sally French Creator of

Your work is beautiful – congratulations on living your passion!

Janet DelVillaggio Happy Customer

Mr. Ellinger is one of the most talented imagery data scientists that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Mr. Ellinger employed a number of innovative solutions to digital imagery projects that had strict accuracy requirements with tight budgets. Mr. Ellinger always completed his work ahead of schedule and under budget. His management skills for workflows and schedules are top notch.

Layne Friedel Director Business Development at GeoTerra, Inc.

My Passions?

When I was 10 years old I asked my parents for state and world atlases for Christmas. When Google Earth was released I lost a full week of my life exploring the world from my desk. Since 2005 I have been carrying a GPS and camera equipment on every outdoor adventure I go on. In 2006 while at Oregon State University I fell in love with the field of remote sensing as it married my love for both imagery, technology, and geography. Since then my life has been a mixture of exploring the world in my free time, camera at hand, and working professionally with the latest sensors on the market to capture, process, and analyze high quality geospatial data.

Exploring the World
Data Processing
UAS Flying

About Me

My name is Jonathan Ellinger and I'm 37 year old outdoor enthusiast, photographer, and professional photogrammetrist living in Portland, Oregon. I grew up in Lake George, New York where I discovered my love for the mountains in the Adirondacks. I continued my education at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine with a degree in Geology and Environmental Studies. After spending a couple years in Boston and Saratoga Springs NY finishing up my goal of climbing all 115 peaks of the Northeast and meeting my future wife Emily Riggott I decided to explore the opposite coast of the country. In 2006 I moved to Corvallis, Oregon to pursue a Masters Degree in Remote Sensing at Oregon State University. While at OSU I began my formal career with Watershed Sciences processing aerial photo, thermal, and LiDAR datasets. My wife Emily moved to Corvallis in 2008 and after I graduated from OSU we moved to our current home in North Portland, Oregon. When we are not busy with our professional careers we spend our time exploring the stunning beauty of the Pacific Northwest and traveling the world when our jobs permit us the time off. After leaving Watershed Sciences in 2015 after it merged with two other companies to become Quantum Spatial and then spending a brief year working for Cardno, a large corporation out of Australia I came to realize that I no longer wanted to work within the bureaucracy of very large corporation. My new business will be based on my passion for photography, quality data delivery, confidence in my abilities, and honesty with my business interactions. If these are the qualities you are looking for in a business relationship or if your just browsing the internet for some unique photography of our amazing planet please consider me!


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1462 NW Naito Parkway Aerial Imagery

Conducted a quick flight today for a Drone Base client who wanted aerial shots of a property on the west shore of the Willamette River just south of the Fremont bridge. There was a large construction crane nearby but I stayed well away from it and everything went smoothly. Gallery & Prints Here

720 NE Grand Ave

Conducted a quick flight over a Range Rover dealership today for the property owner. Lots of low utility wires and nearby tall buildings. Everything went smoothly and the client is extremely happy with the retouched imagery I delivered. Gallery & Prints Here

Eola Drive for Century West Engineering

Today I flew a very long roadway for Century West Engineering. I took off, kept the drone at about 150 feet and followed it on foot as I walked down the side of the road keeping it to the side of the roadway. The roadway had a lot of elevation change so I had to […]

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